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Amazon seller software
Amazon seller software

Amazon seller software

Are you looking for the Amazon Seller software that is a bundle to find the products, research, and help to a listing at an affordable price?

My favorite developer created software for it; it's called InstaZon.

Amazon seller software

Here are 4 software you will get,

1. Instazon Product Wizard : Find the right products to sell or compete with

2. Instazon Search Wizard : Know what customers are looking for and where

3. Instazon Reviews Wizard : Steak datam niches & positioning from product reviews

4. Instazon Keywords Wizard : Find the most incredible keywords to target for mind blowing product discovery

Not only that you will get a free two WordPress plugins,

WP Amz Store :

Create 100% automated stores for Amazon. Just select the niche and they fill up themselves with freshest products.

WP Prod Recommender (Products Store)

Show related products on your blog and turn your passive blog into a profit maker.

If you are a Amazon Seller , you will know how much you have to spend to use the software.

Here are some popular software Amazon sellers are using,

1) Jungle Scout: Chrome Extension gives an average number whether your product keywords or niche is hot and trendy. Price: $99~$199

2) Helium10: Helium10 software is also a bundle that has a findng keywords, product research, finding your product rank, help to optimize the listings. Price: $99~$199/ month

3) Keyword Inspector Reverse Keywords: Keyword Inspector gives a data what keywords people are searching to find your niche keywords. Price: $25~up

4) Merchant Words: MerchantWords provides a data with the keywords. The most used keywords to least. Price: $30/month

If you want to use all these software will be around $199/month.

Here are the benefits to use InstaZon,

1) Amazon affordable software, also powerful

2) One time fee and support lifetime

3) This one bundle will word to find the not niche for selling, research, and finding the right keywords for your products

The software's just launched, so you will be a grandfathered customer to get the InstaZon at a low price. Buy InstaZon, best amazon seller software.

Get MyMailIt before the special price goes down | MyMailIt Discount

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Hello its Erin,

Recently I received so many emails about the new software has launched for the email marketing tool. I did not test it because I know this vendor will abandon the software even though it's a recurring payment plan.

So I thought to give you a better solution for sending out unlimited emails, unlimited campaigns, optin pages etc.

The web-based software named MYMAILIT.

Get MyMailIt
Get MyMailIt

Mymailit has been launched several months as a second version of the mailit WordPress plugin. Of course, our business partners and I used this mailit plugin and sent out unlimited emails to our users.

With that great experience with the software for more than 2 years, we would like to introduce you and offer you the mymailit software at a low cost. This plan will no longer be available after a few days.

The benefits,

1. Unlimited add subscribers

2. Unlimited send out emails

3. Unlimited campaigns

4. Unlimited use software and lifetime access

5. Nonrecurring payment

6. Fast support

Of course, we will give you 30 days money back guarantee no questions asked.

Our video will walkthrough the demo, reviews how you can create a campaign and add a subscriber. And, you can use the drag and drop interface to create your optin pages.

Is the MyMailIt a scam?

Nope, it's not. Once you get an access to the software and use, you will find the power of one button of the software to send out your emails.

But the My MailIt today before our deal our bonus price is expired.

The best way to get an organic traffics

The best way to get an organic traffics

I found another software that can find the domain names for me.

The best way to get an organic traffics
The best way to get an organic traffics

Hello, it's Erin.

This is my second article to talk about to get the expired domain names because I found out that to get orphaned domain names are really working to bring the traffics for you.

When I first time saw the software to find the broken links on Youtube description was brilliant because I get the most of the organic traffics from the videos. Now, let me tell you the software name, it's Video Traffic Genie 2. I did not use the version1 sadly.

I really wanted to recommend you to try this software to find the expired domain names and make them redirect to your sales pages or your business sites. This will really work.

How do I know where these traffic from? Because I use the short link on the description. I can find where and which post I am getting the traffics from.

But, do not get all of the expired domain names. You need to visit the channel to make sure it's not only one link that added. And, you want to check what kind of video it is. Is it relevant? High views? Likes? Dislikes? Subscriptions? And, when all passes for you, you can use the Google to check some links. Or, if you have a software to find the backlinks will be great, but don't have to.

I now found 10 great expired domain names with Video Traffic Genie 2. And, I already made some of them as my PBN sites. I will continue to find some more and redirect to my Amazon, eBay, and eCom stores. It's fine, my visitors are not from in USA for Amazon USA. I will still get a traffic from the outside of the Amazon or eBay. It's a huge plus for me for the rank.

I am writing this article to explain what you can do to bring the organic traffics for reason. Because it's really worth it to get the software.

How much is the software? It's was $27 one time fee when I got it. Yes, it's under $30 to keep for a lifetime.

If you are curious to get this software still for some reason, here are some of the answers for you.

1) Their closed Facebook Group shows the real and old customers of the Video Traffic Genie 2. That means the developer is supporting the software. Not like the one I purchased before, backlinkrhino software is now abandoned for months.

2) It's worth it even the software does not work after 6 months. I said 6 months because you can get a refund through the Paypal in 6 months no matter what. Paypal will stand for you.

You will find tons of expired and high-quality domain names anyways with the software.

3) Will save tons of money.

I purchased $1000 software before to find the expired domain names. But, it's a PC software and hard to use. Needed some learning curve. As I am a busy Mother and businesswoman, it's running of time to do some other tasks.

Not like the other software, Video Traffic Genie 2 is really easy to use.

Just add your keyword. That's it.

The software will give you all broken links.

The best way to get an organic traffics

The best way to get an organic traffics

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review

Bring Organic Traffics, How? Then you should watch our review videos to get expired domain names! We will show you all about the software and create PBN sites

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review for who wants to have an organic traffics!

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review

Today, we would like to introduce you to another awesome software named, Video Traffic Genie 2.

Video Traffic Genie 2 is one simple but powerful software that it goes through each one of the Youtube video descriptions to find the broken links.

When you find the link, you can copy the link to the Godaddy, NameCheap, NameSile, or anywhere to find out whether this broken link is available for you to purchase.

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review
Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review

Why do you want to purchase the expired domain names?

Because these videos are still active and people are watching which is these video watched people may or may click the link, and this will bring the organic traffics there.

For example, you are trying to sell the calculator. You can add the keyword on Video Traffic Genie software and find the related videos with a broken link. If the video has high converted customers, you grab the domain name and create it as your PBN site or redirect it to your sales page.

So, you are targeting a right people for the right niche.

We usually install the WordPress for blog posts.

Video Traffic Genie is the one for finding the right PBN sites address

If you want to offer PBN SEO services, you really do not want to miss Video Traffic Genie software deal.

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review
Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review

Here is a link you can get at a low cost.

This is an Upgraded version -GOLD,

**Gold version will be able to add unlimited API key to search unlimited broken links.

**Unlock our Powerful Whale Finder

**Unlock our Powerful Whois Checker

**Unlock Unlimited API Keys

**Unlock all our Syndication Integrations

SyndBuddy Discount, this will bring another traffic – Backlinks – Check this out

SyndLab Pro Discount:

*You can add All your WordPress sites and social media accounts to post right away.*

StoryChief Discount

*StoryChief software has an SEO feature to make your contents to rank better on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.*

To upgrade or purchase other software are optional. But, we really highly recommend getting Video Traffic Genie2 and one of the Syndlab or StoryChief software to post all your contents conveniently.

After you grab the deal, you will enjoy bringing the organic traffic to your sales page or your business website.

Video Traffic Genie 2 Honest Review