TrendyCom product review, Finding profitable dropshipping products

TrendyCom product review, Finding profitable dropshipping products


If you are looking for a product that can sell on your e-commerce store or finding a hot niche to sell on the Amazon or eBay, you really want to check this out!

Basic Trends Research Tool:

The software I want to show you is the Trendy Com.

I just purchased this software, and I already found some great products to prepare for the Valentines day if it's not too late.

In this video, I will show you each one of the tools how you can use the TrendyCom to research on finding hot niches.

I am using a lot of different platforms to sell products. So, to me, the TrendyCom is a great tool to give me refresh my brain.

In the Multi, you will find 5 different sections, Product Spy, Trend Spy, Trends 24, Buzzfeed Spy, and Trendhunter Spy.

Product Spy provides the AliExpress Hot Selling products.

Since AliExpress site is not only for the United States customers, you will need a little more research on finding products to sell. All these products are for the Worldwide hot selling products.

Trend Spy provides research your own keywords.

4 different sections are given here

1) "Info" to use the Wiki to get information

2) Youtube to pull out the videos

3) Articles to find related to your keywords

4) Products, TrendyCom will find what products are selling on online.

(This one gives me great ideas for doing the dropshipping)

Trends 24 Spy shows you what's the trends each hour. If you are sensitive to find the trend and create articles or videos, this is what you need.

Buzzfeed and Trendhunter will pull out the hot articles and your keywords articles to think broad.

I am happy with my purchase, so I will keep it for my business.

For the other upgrade versions also will provide tons of research tool,

Pro for Shopify stores,

Gold for other E-commerce tools (Amazon, eBay, Target, Some other bonuses)

Platinum is for Wish and other popular platforms.

I will make other videos for these tools how you can use for your business 🙂

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Basic Trends Research Tool:




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Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit, Bible journaling supplies

Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter

Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter
Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter

I found one great product for your bible or any book to highlight the important part to remember. This gel type comes with 6 different colors, Violet, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

I think the reason for they made this name for bible because the bible has a thin paper. This gel type highlighter will not absorb the thin bible paper to ruin it.

*Set includes 6 bright translucent colors (violet, yellow, pink, orange, blue, green)

*Precise tip size for accurate highlighting

*Glides smoothly across page and won't bleed through any paper

*Doesn't smear other inks when highlighting over them

*Long-lasting gel stick advances by twisting base

Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit will give you the freedom to highlight any part of the bible on printed or pen.

Make colorful bible notes!

If you are not sure to try this one, you can click the link right below to read what others think about the Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter Study Kit.

Watch this short video about the Bible journaling supplies

Accu-Gel Bible Highlighter

(If you are interested in to create the video above, contact us)