PlayBoost Video Thumbnail, best to increase your video clicks

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail, best to increase your video clicks

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail
PlayBoost Video Thumbnail

PlayBoost is the new software has launched recently. I wanted to share this new software at a discounted price if you are interested in posting videos to your blog sites or clients'.

It's actually a simple marketing method software to make it more visible to users to play your video.


– Unlimited Animated Thumbnails

– All Major Video Platforms Supported

– 50+ Premium Overlays Included

– Huge Image & GIF Library

– Text Call-to-Actions & Pre-Sets

– Emojis

– Play Button Templates

– Animations

– YouZign Integration

– Mobile & Desktop Friendly

– 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

– 24/7 Customer Support Team

– BONUS #1 WordPress Plugin

– BONUS #2 Video Training Template

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail


StockUnlimited, Download everything

StockUnlimited or Stock Unlimited honest review/ Download unlimited vectors, images, Audios, Fonts, and some premiums.



Must have for designers, marketers, business owners, Bloggers, Video editors…..

Stock Unlimited is now on DEAL to download unlimited vectors and images at one time cost!

Not like the other deals, your account will active for 3 years as an unlimited version.

I have been their customer since 2016. I purchased their unlimited everything plan. That time, there was no download audio, fonts, templates, or some other collections. So, I have to repurchase the deal again if I want to use their Audio and Fonts.

With the deal today, you can access to all sections and download unlimited times.

If you are making social media photos, you can visit this site to check the size and create your own design.


When you download the photos will be a print-ready size. If you need bigger than 5000 px, you will need to contact the support team.

For the blog sites will be more than enough to use.

Both photos and vectors, you can straight to use StockUnlimited editor software. It's an easy and faster way to customize your design.

In the video, I showed some of the features you might use often.

If you are interested in the 3 years of using Stock Unlimited, you can click the link to visit and grab the deal today!

StockUnlimited All details REVEALED! Enjoy my honest review video!



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Pinflux, Pinterest automatic marketing management software, new software launch special deal


Pinterest automatic marketing management software, new software launch special deal


I will be using the Amazon Polly for this video.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software

Today, I wanted to show you about the new software deal, Pinflux.

The developer of this Pinflux software is the Teknik Force. I wanted to mention their name because they do the support all their software constantly. I often made videos which abandoned software that could make us waste our time and money.

To void this incident, I will try not to promote or show you the software in my Channel.

Let me talk about Pinflux now.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software

Pinflux is the Pinterest software that helps you to manage your Pinterest account or multi accounts to find right pins depending on your keywords, Repin, Follow Board, Unfollow, Follow user and unfollow, and show you the report and error if there is any.

You can manually find the pin, follow and unfollow easily. But, you should remember that only one account may not be so powerful to promote your business or products. To manage more than one account will need more time to spend. So, the Pinflux software can help you with managing all accounts free from headache.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software


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Ora Honest Review, Task Management Software One Time Cost Deal

Ora Honest Review, Task Management Software One Time Cost Deal

Ora Honest Review
Ora Honest Review
Ora Honest Review

I wanted to make the second video to review the software, Ora. My first video was not a review, so you can skip the first one and watch this one.

Now, I will show you how you can manage each project by using Ora. Once you purchase the deal price at $39 one time cost, you will get a code or more codes depending on how many you purchase the deal.

I did not even watch their tutorial video or tried to find it because it is so easy to navigate.

There are only a few buttons on the left side.

This first button is to check your existing projects. I already made three. You can customize the project name, icon, and setting.

When you click one of the projects, you can customize each section instead of using default To do, InProgress and Done. You can add more or delete.

Each task, you can add easily when you want to move each task to a different section, you can simply drag and drop.

To add a new project, there is a plus button on the top left.

Click the new project, and choose your desired template. Of course, you can choose not to use any template or change it later.

You can also click on Create Organization if you want the separate works.

Ora software is for who is doing a lot of works to remember each task and manage them for yourself or with your team. I already use Ora for all my tasks to be checked or reviewed. If I missed something in this video, please leave a comment. I will try to add it later.

I highly recommend grabbing the Ora deal since it's only $39 to use the software.

You can click the link to access to the deal site to learn more about it.

Thank you for watching, and I will make more great videos.

If there is anything have an issue to watch the video, you can visit here,

Ora Honest Review

WordPress Image Tutorial

WordPress Image Tutorial, How to make your WordPress site images show your Frontend?

WordPress Image Tutorial

I often receive a message from our student why they do not see their images on their frontend design, but backend for the WordPress website.

I wanted to make this quick video to share with you one simple method to show your images. (Please note that this will work only for the WordPress user)

If this method does not work for you, this could be a different reason, https, format, hosting, or etc.

When you install WordPress, Jetpack is one of the plugins comes with it. I personally use Jetpack for many things, so I use it all the time.

It does not matter whether you are using a FREE or PAID version. If you don't see your image on your frontend, YOU CAN TRY DISABLING THE WORDPRESS JETPACK SETTING.

WordPress Image Tutorial
WordPress Image Tutorial

All you want is to go to the Jetpack -> settings

and disabling "Performance & Speed"

Once, it's saved, refresh your page. You will immediately see your images.



Greenies, DOG DENTAL ISSUE! How to prevent tartar teeth?


Greenies, 130 quantities for small to big dogs.

If you care about your dog, you want to check this product.


If you are a family with dogs, you know how important it is to maintain their health. One of the essential parts of a dog's health care is Teeth. The reason I made this video because to give you a simple idea to prevent tartar teeth, so my little buddy does not suffer.

I have been asking so many different vets to get the answer to prevent the dog teeth issue. Some vets recommended brushing their teeth, but it was not easy. So, I asked again to vets and some experts; they mentioned giving a treat "Greenies."

I started to give treat Greenies 1 per day. And, now it's almost 8 years for my buddy enjoyed Greenies. I could see that the tartar issues prevented slowly. I don't think Greenies will remove tartar but it prevents. If your dog needs scaling, you can try the PetSmart.

Which Greenies do you need for your dogs?

My buddy is YorkiePoo, 18lb.

You do not need to get something more expansive or bigger size Greenies. I always purchased 130 quantity Teenie Greenies for any size of dogs.

I give half of Greenies in the morning and night. So, 1 total.

You can find more information to click the link right below,

I tried to use other similar Greenies products, but it has never worked


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Greenies, DOG DENTAL ISSUE! How to prevent tartar teeth?